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The Team


Larisa Miller - Chief Vision Officer

Kristen Fulmer - Chief Impact Officer & Head of Sustainability & Wellbeing

Thomas Jones - Chief Development Officer & Head of Business Development

Benedict H. Dubbs, AIA, LEED AP - Chief Architectural Officer

Justice/Social Equity Advisors, Speakers, Consultants:

Garry Gilliam - Keynote Speaker (Leadership, Development, Wellbeing)

Tony Keith Jr., Ph.D - Director of Racial Justice & Social Equity

Micah Dennis - VP, Community Development 

Tiffanni Osborne- VP, Education

DeZwaan Dubois - VP, Innovation

Robert DeJarnette- VP, Finance 

Jordan Hill - Director, Community Relations

Built Environment Advisors:

Tom Jones - Building & Construction Advisor

Peter Koliopoulos - Architecture & Design Advisor

Jocelyn Bramlett - Agriculture Manager

Jeniffer Zayas - Project Management

Ken Estell - Health & Safety Advisor

Kim Mariani - Legal 

Lucy Gnazzo - Public Relations

1. Garry Headshot (3) .jpg

Garry Gilliam

Jen Headshot.png

Jeniffer Zayas


DeZwaan Dubois


Tony Keith Jr., Ph.D

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