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The Branch is a Collaborative of professionals, focused on addressing social equity, racial justice, health and wellbeing, resource responsibility within organizations and the built environment.

The Bridge exists to span the tide. The tide that exists between the rich and the poor, the informed and the untaught, the entrepreneur and the everyday citizen.



Grown from the stable roots of The Bridge, The Branch extends to level the tide. As The Bridge spans the tide and integrates into a community, The Branch soaks up and equitably distributes the water. On a tree, some leaves grow closer to the sun than others, fortunate to require less effort to prosper. Other leaves will also survive, but may not prosper to the same extent without a support structure to accommodate the differences in their access to nourishment. Trees grow green and tall when the entire system works together, distributing water and supplying nourishment to its whole, not just supporting the individual leaves that are most likely to survive.

Like a tree, a healthy community grows from a collection of unique, but equally important components. The Branch works with organizations and communities to identify those unique differences, highlight disparities, challenges, and growth opportunities, and recommend solutions that solve the challenge at its core.

Trees thrive in healthy environments. The Branch visualizes this mutually beneficial relationship as one collective whole, instead of two competing priorities. As The Branch helps organizations and communities foster inclusive and equitable policies, procedures, and designs, it will also address solutions to achieve environmental sustainability.

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