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Racial Justice & Social Equity

Success is measured after establishing a level, equitable baseline. Many organizations may assume that they have the tools and resources to address racial justice and social equity, but there are often gaps between commitments and reality. More than ever, these gaps are critically evaluated and may no longer be tolerated. The Branch utilizes a framework to evaluate gaps in your organization’s social equity policies, commitments, statements, and protocols. We offer workshops to educate, tools to integrate, and resources to follow to close those gaps. Following this systemic shift in thinking, our team will continue to evaluate your practices to ensure that the commitments are addressed over time. We believe that establishing this baseline is paramount and will only provide the services below after.



Mental Health & Physical Wellbeing

After establishing the baseline to level an organization’s approach to this holistic positive change, The Branch will address mental health and physical wellbeing through the same critical eye. The Branch utilizes existing best practices as precedent to evaluate gaps in your organization’s mental health and physical wellbeing policies, protocols, and built environment. We believe that this tier of successful business enhances your organization’s longevity. Without robust health and wellbeing practices in place, your organization risks employee turnover, decreased loyalty, and physical liabilities to the business.



Natural & Physical Environment

After the first tiers of a Sustainable Business have been addressed, The Branch will evaluate the systems within your natural and physical environment. Similar to the other tiers, this evaluation identifies gaps in policies and practices and recommends solutions to elevate the performance of your physical building and minimizes harm to the natural environment. Climate change is the next global threat, but we believe that organizations will not be successful in addressing sustainable solutions until the first two tiers of Sustainable Business are achieved. 

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