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Addressing social equity, racial justice, resource responsibility, health and wellbeing within organizations and the built environment.

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Our Focus

The Branch's framework is built to acknowledge that the traditional goals set by real estate developers and corporate organizations cannot be achieved without a deeper understanding of the greater system.


As evident in the recent #BlackLivesMatter racial justice movement, solutions to address other challenges, including global pandemics and climate change, will not be solved until our current system is equipped to understand and solve for the injustices that amplify the barriers to elevating health and sustainability. 

A holistic systems approach

The Branch operates with a system of thinking to challenge norms, question assumptions, and integrate holistic positive impact. 


Consulting With The Branch

We are equipped with a team of experts to elevate sustainability within the built environment, but believe that it’s critical to address the context of social equity, health and wellbeing prior to recommending sustainable solutions.

The collaborative is comprised of a team of experts within these disciplines. We leverage this Hierarchy of a Sustainable Business to address holistically impactful solutions for your organization, never compromising the basic needs to achieve.

Natural & Built Environment



"The honest and open dialogue allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the origins of inequality, the impact of that inequality on black men and women at an early age, and what we can do to help educate our kids to have a level of empathy that does not exist today."

Eric Wiebers / Interior Environments / Principal 

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The Branch's Hierarchy 
of Sustainable Business

The Branch’s alternative of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs prioritizes the disciplines of our services

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